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Our Natural Organic Wooden Math Spinner is a wonderful and fun way to promote math in your little one. The Math Spinner is actually a self contained and interactive set of “flash cards” that allow drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and some division all while being self contained in one package. Because the Math Spinner allows for several types of equations, it can be used for several years as the child progresses through grade levels and additional levels of math equations.

Each Math Spinner features four rotating blocks that have been printed with numbers from 0 to 9. Two of these blocks make up the math problem and the other two make up the answer. Additionally each side of the Math Spinner is printed with the symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Simply rotate the entire spinner to the desired math symbol and then rotate the problem blocks and then answer blocks based on your selection.

The Math Spinner can be used in multiple ways. Children can use the Math Spinner on their own or an adult can participate and provide feedback on correct answers or contribute to choosing the problems. The Math Spinner can be worked both forward (selecting the problem and then finding the answer) or backward (first setting the answer and then finding what problem will equal the answer.

It should be noted that while a great deal of math problems can be worked out on the Math Spinner, more advanced math involving fractions, decimals or negative numbers are not possible.

Our Math Spinner is designed and made in the USA by Countryside Gifts LLC and is lovingly handcrafted one at a time using the finest grade woods and materials. Our Natural Organic Wooden Math Spinner measures 7-1/2 inches long and is made from the Beech. Each Math Spinner is hand sanded with rounded over corners. Hand wood burned and finished with non-toxic and organic beeswax giving each a wonderful silky smooth, soft feel.

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