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Our Natural Organic Wooden Number Matching Game is a wonderful and fun way to introduce counting and number recognition in your little one. Each Number Matching Game comes with two Number Block Stands and one Die. The game can be played with either one or two players. For single play, simply roll the die and count the number of dots, then flip the matching number on the Number Block Stand down. Play continues until all the blocks are flipped down. In a two player game, game play is the same but each player takes turns. The first to get all their blocks flipped down wins.

Our Natural Organic Wooden Number Matching Game is designed and made in the USA by Countryside Gifts LLC and is lovingly handcrafted one at a time using the finest grade woods and materials. Our Wooden Number Matching Game measures 8 inches long and is made from the Hardwoods Hard Maple and Beech. Each game is hand sanded and feature rounded over corners. Each Number Block is printed with non-toxic CMYK ink and each die features recessed dots that inspire counting with touch and feel. Every dot is also naturally darkened with a wood burning process for high contrast and visibility. The entire game is finished with natural and organic beeswax giving the game a wonderful soft feel.

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