New Item! Classic Natural Hardwood Domino Blocks

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 siteadmin



Our Hardwood Domino Blocks make a great teaching tool! Learn, numbers, counting, and pattern matching. Each domino is also proportionality sized at 2:1 (LxW) to also teach basic proportions, sizes and fractions. Our Dominoes can be used as a domino set, as building blocks or setup to be used as a toppling domino chain reaction. Total of 28 dominoes.

Our large hardwood domino blocks are made from Hardwood Beech. Each domino measures 4 inches long and are hand sanded smooth with rounded over edges. The dots on each domino are recessed to inspire counting with touch and feel. Each dot is also naturally darkened with a wood burning process and each domino is finished with natural and organic beeswax finish.

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