New Item! Wooden Golf Jump-A-Peg Solitaire Game – African Ribbon Wood

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This Golf Inspired Wooden Triangle Jump-A-Peg Solitaire game is handcrafted from African Ribbon Wood and includes Hard Maple Golf Tees as Game Pieces. Beautifully handcrafted, rounded over edges and sanded smooth, the game is finished with multiple coats of Lacquer giving it a beautiful high-gloss shine. The game board features a cutout area to place the game pieces as you play, allowing the game to easily be held in a lap or moved without the risk of pieces rolling about. This cutout area is lined with felt to cushion and protect the game pieces. As an accent, the game also features a removable golf ball mounted on a tee. This can be left in place at all times or should you desire, can be removed while playing the game. Instructions on game play are included. Makes a great gift or executive desk toy!

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