Wooden Model Excavator

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 siteadmin


Introducing the Latest Version of our popular wooden excavator, which is now made entirely made of Hardwoods. Primarily made from Beech and Walnut with some Poplar, Maple and Birch accents. This model is slightly larger than our previous models with even more detail. Movable Bucket curls in and out. Boom raises and lowers. Dipperstick moves in and out. The bucket, crowd and boom cylinders really go in and out. The Body swivels 360 degrees. Detailed tracks on the side of the machine features decorative sprockets and rollers. Hidden wheels under the frame allow the excavator to roll.

Other Hardwood details/accents includes, exhaust, controls and foot pedals, wheels, pistons and more. The Length of the excavator with the dipperstick curled in is approx. 16”, with the dipperstick extended it is approx. 20”. The height with the boom down is approx. 8.5” and with the boom up approx. 13”. The width at the widest point is the tracks which is approx. 7”. Beautifully hand coated with a lacquer high gloss finish. Completely handmade in the USA with pride.

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