What Happens To All Those Wood Scraps?

Sunday, September 20th, 2009 siteadmin


From time to time people ask us “What do you guys do with all those wood scraps and sawdust?”

Well the answer is simple and yet surprising. We sell it! Well… we don’t sell the scraps we turn the smaller scrap wood into other products. Whether it be a game or a small part to another larger product we constantly find uses for our left over pieces from larger projects.

As for the very, very tiny scraps or the sawdust… we compost it. Sawdust and woodshavings make wonderful organic compost and this gets tilled into the soil of our shop’s very own garden. Come the summer and fall months, our garden produces tasty corn, mouth watering watermelons and juicy, red ripe tomatoes, much of which is preserved for the cold winter months as well as given away to others. You might say that in a way, the scraps of wood and dust that we don’t end up using for a project, we eat!

Just another benefit to products made of organic, natural, and renewal resources!

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